Over the years, I have seen many changes in the way small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups utilize office and workspace. From the invention of executive suites to the development of shared work environments how people interact with employees, clients and the customers they seek has changed dramatically in the last five years. The emphasis on four walls, secretarial and reception services has shifted to high-speed wireless connectivity, and clean open space, with little need for day-to-day assistance.

In this connection economy, we rely less and less on the services of old. The clients we meet every day are more independent and flexible than ever before. Happy to answer their phones, collect their mail and organize their schedules, autonomously. Gone are the reliance on client services, administration help, and oversight. Technology has moved to a place where being unplugged and self-reliant is now possible.

At Lakeside Business Suites we have also evolved over the last ten years to meet the changing demands of a market saturated with competition. Preferring to engineer its brand based on catering to the many and not the one, we have expanded our executive office and workspace capabilities to over 100 offices, with a myriad of services, and price points to meet all of our client’s needs. We provide all service options to ensure we can accommodate those executives and business owners who have a variety of requirements.

Our customer service and management team are second to none. With decades of collective experience, they deliver a quality of experience and responsiveness necessary to maintain and build long-standing relationships with tenants, many who call Lakeside home for more than 15 years. The landlords have also bought into the longer-term more differentiated strategy by continuing to update the facility and plant and overall vision of the center. Adding 5-star dining and a quick stop on the go dining experiences that help those executives on the move. With its world-class events facility next door, Lakeside Las Vegas can offer a complex array of services to meet the needs of an assortment of marketing and sales requirements of its clients.

There is even a shift in the marketplace for how virtual office clients interact with the businesses whose services they employ. With digital mail drops, and scanning technologies continuing to change, the busy executives no longer even visit their office locations. Mail is scanned and delivered to the email box of their choosing. The net effect of this evolution is a general improvement delivered targeted services and reduction in overall pricing.

Without the need to include the infrastructure of high touch client administration Lakeside Business Suites, has been able to reduce our overall pricing structure to those clients who prefer more autonomy. This business model may be perhaps more sustainable than the older versions. Over the last 12 months, Lakeside Las Vegas has completed four significant build-outs, of 400, 800, 3,000 and 4,000 square feet, all of which are currently leased, to a collection of business types. From insurance agencies and therapists to contractors and service providers, our long-term strategy has hit the mark.

Natalie Winslow, the Director of Operations at Lakeside Business Suites says, ‘Our marketing objectives have always been directed toward business types, which fit our overall long-term strategy. Given the uniqueness of our environment (being on a Lake in the middle of the desert), Lakeside has targeted and focused on high-value professional services, like accounting, legal and real estate. These businesses, whose clientele appreciate the tranquil environment and whose reliance on foot traffic is not of paramount importance, have helped us build a very sustainable model with a consistent diversified rental stream. Moreover, with convenient access from the Highway US 95 and Lake Mead Boulevard, the center is minutes away from the Vegas Strip, for those out of state travelers utilizing Las Vegas as a business hub.’

The pricing strategy at Lakeside is also very reasonable. Unlike our competition, however, having Lakeside office views, is a huge plus. Providing sustainable long-term rents, primarily because similar offerings do not exist anywhere in the city. The virtual office plans we offer, start at as little as $49 per month for mail services, and our cheapest office starts at $400 per month, bargains not easily found in the current marketplace. Most interestingly, demand is beginning to outpace supply.

Lakeside Business Suites Day Office

In a recent meeting with Frank Cottle, the CEO of the Alliance Business Network ABCN, here in Las Vegas, Frank mentioned that he’d seen an increase in the demand, across the United States, and globally with the 700 plus office network, he represents. Frank noted that he sees growth potential in the Las Vegas marketplace as well over the coming months and years, although Las Vegas is slightly behind the trend at this present moment. With new energy and recent developments, such as the NHL Vegas Golden Nights professional hockey team, and the Las Vegas Raiders finding a permanent home here, confidence in this town is at an all-time high. Recent statistics also help make the point, courtesy of the City of Las Vegas; this is a city clearly on the rise. With population growth and reduction in unemployment, the Las Vegas is making a comeback!

The key to future success in the office and business service market will be to continue to evolve the level and type of services rendered.  At Lakeside Las Vegas we are doing just that. We are currently adding two new great dining options, to the three offerings we already provide. Marche Bacchus, Americana Las Vegas, and the Village Pub, deliver to our clientele a range of dining experiences. Lakeside is currently completing,  a Latin-flavored on the go and catering options, the Buena Vista @Lakeside, and the Rooster Boy Café which will provide our customers a variety of culinary experiences.


Americana Restaurant

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Marche Bacchus

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Village Pub


Finally, Lakeside Las Vegas will merge its highly successful events businesses with an ongoing set of festivities which will include, live music (Lakeside Live), wine tasting (Vino Las Vegas), and sporting events. This as a part of giving back to the community and enhancing the overall brand through community participation. Erik Watts, the Chairman of the real estate group that owns Lakeside Las Vegas, wants to create a whole experience that endures and a market association with Lakeside that is second to none. He adds, we have been members of the community now for over 25 years, and it’s essential that the best-kept secret in Las Vegas, is the best-kept secret no more. We are hoping to create enthusiasm and interest in the things we do at Lakeside and will be inviting the public’s participation as we fill our calendars with fun and exciting events.

Keep checking our home page at Lakeside Las Vegas to find dates and times of upcoming events, or call us at (702) 533 2343 for more information.

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