As the world of work evolves, so too must the workspace. Every day the way that organizations and individuals do business changes and it is the responsibility of office providers to keep up, in order to maintain a workspace that helps companies function. Companies today are looking for a flexible workspace that can facilitate their growth and help streamline the day to day running of their business.

Business suites, or executive suites, provide office solutions to companies of all different sizes. Lakeside Business Suites offers office space ranging from 100 to 4000 square feet, as well as short and long-term contracts, which opens up the possibility for businesses to instantly expand. This kind of flexibility is what businesses are looking for in order to grow and succeed.

In fact, the benefits of business suites are endless. Workspaces come furnished and fitted out so that companies can get on with the important stuff from day one. Business suites have meeting rooms, conference rooms, kitchens and break areas for all their members to take advantage of. Lakeside Business Suites even have the added advantage of offering patio and garden space overlooking the serene Lake Jacqueline. Business suites will normally have high tech solutions and receptionists who provide professional services to help their members grow, making them hubs for companies looking to expand. Often business suites will be found in impressive areas, like the Desert Shores/Summerlin area of Las Vegas, where Lakeside Business Suite boasts impressive scenery, incredible nearby restaurants and all 20 minutes from the famous Las Vegas ‘Strip’.

Given all their benefits, it’s understandable that people often assume that business suites are an expensive option for companies, but this could not be further from the truth. In fact, FreeOfficeFinder looked at some of the ways that business suites can actually save companies money.

1.  Pay for the Office, Not the Facilities

As opposed to renting a leased office, you only pay for space you really need in a business suite. Facilities like toilets, kitchens, meeting rooms and break rooms are communal, managed facilities. The office provider takes care of these so that you only have to pay for the desk space/office that you use. This can provide a large saving for businesses, who would otherwise have to pay rent on the whole internal area.

2.  Already Fitted Out

When renting at a business suite, you won’t have to worry about chairs, desks, drawers or filing cabinets. In addition, the space will be decorated and can be configured on request. When you rent a leased office, you will need to purchase furniture as the space is typically an empty shell. Fitting an office out can also prove very expensive as build work isn’t cheap, so there is a lot of time and effort, in addition to cost, saved in the process.

3.  Outsourced Staffing Costs

Business suites often already have employed staff, such as Receptionists and Admin Staff. This means that you can benefit from in-house staff who can perform any ad-hoc task you need (on site) without the need to employ and pay wages for a dedicated person/s for the role. Lakeside Business Suites have highly skilled staff who can help with a whole range of tasks.

4.  Flexible Space

Any company that wants to expand takes a risk renting leased office space. They cannot be certain that their company will definitely grow into the space, nor can they be definite they won’t outgrow it. Either way, by taking a larger space to grow into, they will be paying for it (and for a long time, as you are usually bound to a 3 to 10-year contract). Renting at a business suite normally rids you of this worry. Rent the exact size you need initially and the provider will typically allow you to jump to larger spaces in the building as and when your company grows. For instance, Lakeside Business Centre has office space ranging from 100 square feet to 4000 square feet, as well as long and short-term contracts, which makes an instant expansion for your business a real possibility.

5.  No Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs will no longer be a cause of pain once you have moved into a business suite. When the air conditioning packs in, the electricity goes or the toilet gets blocked, it won’t be your problem. In business suites these inevitable troubles are covered by the workspace provider, meaning you are saving on maintenance.



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